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Monday, February 9, 2009

Sibayak Mountain

Sibayak mountain located at Karo plateau with high altitude 2094 m above sea level. The peak of the mountain is broken because eruption in the past. Sibayak montain can be reached from the two places, the firs is from the village of King Berneh (Spirit Mountain) and the second from the city Brastagi. Sibayak mountain is still active.
This mountain is not so difficult to climb even by a beginner though. Like Mount Gede in West Java, the mountain is always visited by many tourist at sunday. They usually start climbing around 02.00 hours early days to get a spectacular mountain sunrise dipuncak this. So don't forget to take your camera oc..and always wear the jacket because air around this mountain is very cold.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sinabung Mountain

North Sumatra is also have a place of natural mountain tourism. Precisely at the foot of the mountain Sinabung, Brastagi-Medan. Sinabung foot mountain enchantment with a temperature around 18 degrees Celsius make the air there is always fresh and cold. We can use "Sinabung Jaya", the bus transportation from Medan to reach this place. The distance around 66 km from the Medan city.

For those who come there are required to bring a jacket because the air at the foot of the mountain Sinabung very cold at night. The cold felt until bone puncture. But in the morning you will be guaranteed to feel the cool air, truly fresh

If you visit there, it's not complete if does not make climbing. We can see the beautiful scenery whwn do the climbing such as field which planted with various flowers, fruit and vegetable. Besides that ,the birds chirp will also accompany when the climbing .. But we must be careful when nearly the top of the mountain because there are canyon at left and right side at the road

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sate Memeng

Sate Memeng is the famous sate in Medan. Located in Irian Barat street No 1, this shop start open at 6 PM until 01.30 Am. About the taste, we doesn't need to questionable it again because it has a really good taste. The secret is in a sate-bath. We can choose cow, goat or chicken. Sate Memeng served with peanut sauce. The difference, Memeng's peanut sauce slightly more liquid. More like a peanut gravy.

Sate served with lontong. However, in this shop, sate can also served with noodles. Yes, this shop also sells shake noodle. The customers often ask for the order noodles mixed spices sate.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kumango duck mihun

This Mihun is very famous in Medan. The store is start open at 6 Am and always full of visitor until 12 Pm in the morning so we must patient if want to eat this mihun. This dish contain of mihun which cooked briefly and then given the special sauce, mustard greens and duck meat. The meat is so soft because boiled long enough and then given garling fries at the top.

The garlic taste is very dominant. Then, presented with a bowlful of delicious sauce. Although already given garlic, you still get bowlful more garlic fries. As a complement, a salt, green chilli pickle, pepper, salt and soy sauce.

The Store is located in Kumango street No 15 and the capacity for 30 people. In a day, the store can spend 30 duck tails. However, you should come a bit early if want to taste it. Usually at 11 noon all the dishes have been exhausted.

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Pantai Cermin ( Theme Park & Resort )

Pantai Cermin ( Theme Park & Resort ) isthe first ever water theme park in North Sumatera, situated at Serdang Bedagai and is only about 60 minutes drive from Medan. Get wild and wet with our wide array of pools for water based fun. There is something for everybody from exciting water slide rides to relaxing lazy pools. Have a go at the swimming pool while children splash it out at the children’s pool under the watchful eye of mommy and daddy. End your day with a satisfying meal at our two restaurants. Choose from fresh - just caught off the coast - seafood to international favorites.

Nestled in Pantai Cermin amid lush greenery and sandy beaches, Pantai Cermin Resort Hotel offers an unforgettable holiday experience for your and your family and friends. We offer a wide variety of attractions including our water theme park, business center, gym, conference room and other facilities to make your stay a memorable one...


Slides & Pool
Water Slide - Make your way to our water slide to fulfill all your speed fantasies. Its guaranteed fun, fun, fun, all the way down with its wild twists and speedy turns ending in a splash. Once down, get up and do it all over again.

Lazy Pool
Want to get away from the entire frazzle at the office and just relax? Head for our lazy pool and float your worries away. It’s a surefire way to make your troubles float away.

Children's Pool
At Pantai Cermin Resort, we make sure the little ones get to enjoy everything we offer albeit on a smaller scale. The pool is specifically design for a child’s fun.

Jet Skis
Speed is your game? Then hope on one of these speed machines and speed away.

Is rowing a workout or relaxation? You decide as you row your way past sandy beaches and through the cool, blue ocean.

Banana Boat
A great ride for you with family and friends.

Speed Boat
It’s like jet skiing, but in a group of family and friends.

Fishing Boat
Pit your wits against the best the sea has to offer and boast of your fishing prowess when you finally land the big one.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Crocodile Park

Crocodile park built by Lo Than Muk. Located in the Asam Kumbang village about 10 km from the center of Medan , exactly on the back of Taman Setia Budi Indah. Crocodile park there has been since 1959. That time only 12 crocodile tails, but at this time almost 3000 tails. Crocodile park with a two-Hectare this is a place of entertainment for the residents of Medan and surrounding areas. This is a unique place because of the wild reptiles as the exciting spectacle
Thousands of crocodiles in this park, separated according to age. The oldest crocodile reached 41 years with a 6 meter length. There are adult crocodile is between 20 years and 31 years age crocodile. Everything is in a separate pool. Likewise with children crocodile, from infants up to age five. The rest, a large pond.

One of the attractions of interest in this event is feeding. Usually the feeding is done by the park on tuesday to sunday. At Monday, the crocodiles doesn't get anything for eat. In here, the main food of crocodile is duck. Visitors allowed to feed the crocodile with duck which cost Rp 25 thousand per head.
Duck was thrown to the middle of the pond. Meanwhile, a group of crocodiles are waiting with open spout. At once the successful crocodile direct strike and devour duck flatly. Fantastik!!!

Visitors are also allowed to pose with the crocodile, sit on crocodile or holding it's mouth..and you can get it with just pay Rp 50 thousand. At the time a visitor can see the special attraction, among other primates take bananas from the crocodile's mouth. To see the attraction of two decoy different animal species and it's physical, visitors must pay Rp 30 thousand for the ticket

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gunung Timur Temple

One of the most populer temple in Medan is Gunung Timur temple which located in Hang Tuah Street,precisely in the riverside babura. Because the location is close to the water, some people regard this temple has very good fengshui. Gunung Timur temple is the largest temple in Medan city.On the beginning,the temple which was established at 1960 is only a tenement extent do no more than 50 square meters but because there are so many donation which can't be mention one by one, finally the small temple change into a wide temple which we can see now

But that all doesn't make this temple only for people belonging to Buddhist but this temple is belong to all. Temple with the color red has a lot of charm. The most prominent is the Chinese ornament such as the statue of fish with dragon head and dragon statue with a combined of four God statue. In the yard, we can see two tails lion statue which very beautiful. That's why this temple frequently visited by the tourist.

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